The Head Wrap Workshop

Head Wrap Workshop

head wrap

Why Head Wraps? Head wraps are a major trend in 2020! It’s an accessory that highlights the beauty, “attitude and angles” of a woman. Even young girls shine when wearing head wraps.You don’t have to have an Afrocentric sense of fashion to wear an African head wrap, it’s already within you! They key is confidence! Whether you have a professional, bohemian, chic, artsy or street wear fashion taste, we have a wrap style that compliments you.

The Head Wrap Workshops? Quite frankly, head wraps have been an stable in African life and culture for centuries. However, like to resurgence of natural hair care, not everyone is a pro in the head wrap game and some of us need a little help and demonstration. That’s why we offer The Head Wrap Workshop. Our workshop teaches you ways to knot, twist and tie your beautiful wraps but also educates women of the African diaspora on it’s history so that you wear them with confidence and poise!

Invest in Your Beauty! The perfect outfit accessory or  beauty boost to a a bad hair day! day! Our wraps are authentic West African sourced fabrics with BOLD and colorful patterns, unique textures and meaningful symbols

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