Four Action Steps to Take When An Unexpected Change Occurs

Howard University

What really happened?! Why did I leave D.C.?

It’s my 2-year anniversary since I left D.C and I thought it would be a perfect time to reflect. Truth is I only planned to be in Massachusetts for 2 years then off to my next career move. Yet, here I am humbled, healthy and happy. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, If you want to make God laugh… tell him your plans.

Listennnn!!! When I tell you I had no intentions of moving back to my isolated, lacking in young professional culture and spiritual life of a hometown; I had no intensions. Don’t get it confused I am proud to come from Springfield, it’s the city of first. My family, fondest memories, loved ones and 413 loyalty is here. But even as a visionary I struggled to see the light.

The R.Eal tea is that every well had dried up for me in DMV and I was wore out!

I was laid off of my full-time salary position in higher ed.

I outgrew my beloved church.

I wasn’t dancing as often as I had like to.

I was in an unhealthy relationship with a serpent. #callathingathingmillion man march - washington dc

My lease was soon ending and I couldn’t find a suitable roommate or new place to live.

And sadly, I was crying in public because I was emotionally overwhelmed. #embarrassing

Things weren’t adding up but one thing I knew for sure is that I was covered by sufficient GRACE.

I was living in a skyrise apartment with a balcony, scenic & poolside view and never missed a bill!

I was making the same salary collecting “unemployment” and working as a part-time server at Olive Garden literally 3 mins walking distance from my apartment.

I had the best roommate who was loving, compassionate and encouraging.

I soon realized I was being set up for a new chapter in life so I took advantage. I went quiet. Stillness, prayer and journaling became my morning routine. I worked out regularly and began to change my diet. I hired myself to do my LIFE WORK.

Here are four action steps to take when an unexpected career, job or relationship change occurs.

  1. Purge– Go quiet and go alone.
  2. Trust God’s Process – Consistency builds trust. Reflect on all the other times you’ve faced hardships and how you made it through. You must train your mind, words and behavior to reflect that of someone who has FAITH. This this too shall pass, it WILL get better, you will survive.
  3. Patience – endure the process. Don’t be in a rush to move past your situation, wait for the next right move, give yourself enough time to get clarity and work through your woes so that you don’t enter a new situation with bitterness and brokenness.
  4. Getcho Life! Make the best of your situation and use this new time to, read, write, learn and fight for your wholeness with a vengeance. Always remember you have an advisory and the powers of darkness are real. Get your LIGHT back.
Photo by Michael C. Bradford

Private struggles become public testimonies. I share this to encourage others and to lift as I climb.

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Wow this is amazing sister! I am so proud of you and all the sacrifices you’ve made to align your purpose with your heart and soul. Your wholeness shines a light that has and will continue to inspire the world. #ItsAWilkinsThing ♥️

Come on and prophesy sis!!! That blessed me. You’ll never know how much you’ve inspired me as a business woman. You boldness and confidence is infectious! Little Sister

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