Diaspora Dance Festival

The Diaspora Dance Festival 

Originally Diaspora Dance Party has evolved into annual celebration,  social gathering, dynamic artistic and entrepreneurial exchange. It calls forth dancers, movers and shakers and also welcomes musicians, artists, socialist, entrepreneurs, and those who appreciate the African Diaspora culture!
“If you can walk you can dance!” Join us for Live dance instruction, Drumming and Dancing, Improv Jamming, Guest Choreographers, Art, Merchandize and & more!

What does Diaspora mean?

It means to be scattered about.

Diaspora is defined as; a group of persons or ancestors of the same ethno-national origin who migrated voluntarily or under cohesion to several other places and maintained their identity. princeton.edu


The purpose of the Diaspora Dance Party is to celebrate the cultures of the African Diaspora through music, dance, art, food, fashion and beyond.

This event aims highlights direct experiences and representations of people of African decent & empowersour culture identity and awareness amongst community.


During this event, we can accurately and openly recognize our historical and experiences yet ignite our future promises and truths.

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