Diaspora Dance Party: Why You Need to Be There!

Tickets are officially on sale for the Diaspora Dance Party and here is a where you’ll discover what makes this event so special!

What happens in the community stays in the community. It was an ordinary summer evening just before fall, we were all hanging out having great conversation, speaking words of wisdom, affirming and loving on one another as we often do. Everyone was feeling refreshed and energized after eating a potluck dinner at the Garden of Eat’n café and Our Journey/OD Fitness, a special place in the Springfield where this lifestyle is ignited. Co-founder Azariyah brought the drums and music and I lead in dance outside on the street corner outside, and we knew then the spirit of the Diaspora Dance Party was born.

Azariyah     diaspora dance
The Diaspora Dance Party came about as a way of gathering the tribe and recalling practices many of our African ancestors held to sustain the quality  of their life! Dancing, drumming, singing, affirmations and eating eclectic foods brings joy and healing we can all relate to!

The vision of the #WesternMADiasporaDanceParty is to co-create #culturallyrelevanthealing spaces for people to let it out and let it go and movement and music allows us to do that. This night we honor our ancestors, and continue the work of self-realization liberation and self-determination. 

drums - diaspora dance party  guitar -diaspora dance party
It’s no question that people of color particularly African Americans have suffered and need time & spaces of self-expression. Institutionalized oppression, racism, classism and brutality has distracted us from the beautiful truth of who we are. The Diaspora Dance Party highlights our value, individuality, supernatural creativity and connection

You may have gone to many party but this is an experience. This is a grand gathering that invites residents, colleges and greater Springfield community! Come ready to dance, socialize, vibe, listen great music grab a bite to eat or invest in our vendors! Buy Tickets


This high-energy soul jam is presenting the best of African dance, drumming and music!
Afro Beats, Afro House, Zumba, Bomba, West African Dance, Reggae/Dancehall, Soca, Hip-Hop/RnB, Grime/Dubstep
Kizomba & Many More!
Here’s what you can expect
– Freedom
– Love
– Liberation
– Community
– Self- Identification

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