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Praise Dance

This class is designed as a well of living water for Christian praise dance, worshippers and ministries who want to come and improve their dance technique in liturgical and jazz.

Ballet Body Benefits

Ballet Body Benefits

A bomb blend of ballet and barre conditioning.

Try this fun and challenging way to tone, strengthen, lengthen, sculpt and stretch .

West African Dance

West African Dance

A deeply rooted drum and dance dialogue that revitalizes you! Hop into a heart beating warm-up followed by repertory steps that lead into thrilling West African choreography.


Mat Class

A dancers Yoga dream! A rich sequence of dancers aligned deep stretches and breathing set to activate energetic meridians of your body. Reduce stress, gain clarity, increase flexibility and positive vibez only!



A pulsating dance and cultural experience across the African Diaspora! This combines African, Jazz, Caribbean & Afro-Beats techniques.

Kid's Ballet

Ballet Level 1

Beginners Ballet from a holistic perspective for our kid’s connection program. Discipline, technique and beauty and strength and flexibility.

Move & Grove Therapy

Move & Grove Therapy

Secure your spot at this Savage co-ed hip-hop class lit up to the latest and greatest hip-hop beats and movements. Pop, Lock, Hit and Groove.

Dance Cardio

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RE signature choreography and aerobic dance steps fused into a dynamic dance cardio  workout. This class is offered three styles dancer-flow, community flow and gospel flow.

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