Diaspora Dance Party: Why You Need to Be There!

Tickets are officially on sale for the Diaspora Dance Party and here is a where you’ll discover what makes this event so special! What happens in the community stays in the community. It was an ordinary summer evening just before fall, we were all hanging out having great conversation, speaking words of wisdom, affirming and loving on one another as […]

8 Benefits from Meditation

Hello Beautiful Beings! Today I’ve decided to chat about the 8 benefits of Meditation brought to me in the 8th Month of the year. For those of you who follow-me, you probably know that at the beginning of every month I give myself a challenge.Well, for August 2018 it was 31 days of Meditation. First I’ll tell you what prompted […]

Four Action Steps to Take When An Unexpected Change Occurs

What really happened?! Why did I leave D.C.? It’s my 2-year anniversary since I left D.C and I thought it would be a perfect time to reflect. Truth is I only planned to be in Massachusetts for 2 years then off to my next career move. Yet, here I am humbled, healthy and happy. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, […]