About Rooted Essence Dance


Inspire people around the world to live a purpose driven life.


Our mission is to connect, restore and liberate souls through dance, healing arts, education and wholeness.

OurHistory & BackgroundFrom the Ground UpEST. 2017

After starting her early career in government, Moriah Leigh realized that claiming her Rooted Essence meant aligning her career with her life’s purpose. Leaving her fast life in Washington D.C she returned to Western Mass to embark on this journey.

In January 2017, Moriah Leigh, Travis Blake and Angelica Polk came together and brainstormed about of having a community showcase that would highlight art forms true to African American culture and life. Moriah soon realized her vision was being rerouted into an expansive life work with greater reach and longevity. Henceforth, Rooted Essence Dance and Healing Arts was born. This platform promotes a healing, cultural and community experience. It is our humanitarian desire that everyone we hold space for gains knowledge of self and self value. Moreover, empowered to experience the freedoms of living in accordance with your life’s purpose.